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Can you confirm the items in bold are not exactly the same as 2008? Everything I've read indicates aside from the radio/GPS update the rest of the MC is identical between 08 and 09.
  • Accurate speedo! - All the '09 owners I have heard from have indicated that the speedo is accurate.
  • Cruise control lag fixed - I have heard from some '09 owners that their bike still has the lag. This isn't unusual as previous model year owners are mixed in their reports of cruise control lag. Some bikes have it and others don't.
  • Alternator whine fixed (at least never heard anyone with an '09 say they have the issue the last few years have had) - Maybe compared to the really early 1800s the Alt is more quiet but I noticed zero difference between an '07 and my '09.
  • Headlights perfectly aimed even - The '09 headlights are actually a bit low for my liking. This is an easily adjustable item. I wouldn't factor it into my decision on choosing an '09 over an '08.
  • Saddlebags/trunk latches much more robust (this may have been improved on prior years) - Any '08 you buy should already have SB15 already applied. This will make the '08 identical to the '09 in this reguard.
  • Higher capacity battery (20AH) - The '09 service manual does list a few little differences in the electrical specs between the '09 and earlier models. I'm not sure on what it means or if it is better but there are some slight differences in this area.
  • ?? probably other minor fixes/upgrades yet to be discovered - Honda continually tweaks the bike from model year to model year. This is not unlike any other vehicle they make. Some tweaks may be for the better....others maybe not so much. Most are so minor as to not warrant any mention in the service manual or vehicle specs.
The '08 and '09 are virtually identical except for the TPMS, GPS, XM integration, and available colors.
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