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I had the same struggle between the 08 vs 09. For me it came down to finding an 09 with level 3 pkg.

I have since foun out that XM may be going under. If that happens I am not sure what use the weather and XM radio will be. I also looked at the long term of costs to keep up the subscriptions. The info I got was that it would be around $35.00 a month. I barely got my wife to let me buy a bike that would have gotten me a VETO stamp on the approval.

Had I found this forum before I bought my 08, I might have found an 09 in the titanium color I really wanted and paid a little more now.... and later.

The TPMS can be fixed with an aftermarket device for around $160.00.

I was not aware of the GPS updates, the GPS was a big selling point for me (I wanted it).

As for my 08 being 2 years old now I am not affected because I plan to own this bike for many, many, many miles.

In the end it is to each his/her own and I wish you great luck and a great deal, I know i will be a great ride for after all it's a wing.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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