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It is in Bethesda, MD with 71,187 as of 2/10/20. Level 1. That grey color that Honda inexplicably calls Mesquite Brown Metallic.

  • RaceTech rear shock w/ braided line
  • Progressive Monotubes & All Balls Head Bearing
  • Wingsoft Seat with Utopia backrest
  • Bushtec Hitch w/ 6 pin trailer harness on trunk bottom (Tailwind)
  • Honda LED fog lights, rear spoiler w/ running light and modulating brake light, Kisan headlight modulators. And more.
  • Well maintained. Rode hard but almost never put away wet. Well…
  • Special bonus! A cracked radiator and no shortage of cosmetic work to be done after a deer strike and right side slide.
It was running great. Still is, except for the cracked radiator. Pics in the post here are me running it at track day in May 2019, and then some more of it post-Bambi in July.

Look in this Dropbox folder for lots more pics, plus the dealer estimate for the insurance settlement (0_Dealer.PDF) and some more info (0_Info.PDF) . Open kimono here.

Listing it AS IS for BEST OFFER now. $3500 is my absolute floor; I may take it but won’t jump on it immediately.

Perhaps this is someone’s unicorn and there’s a win-win for us both. Maybe you are open to a project that gets you great bones cheap and an eventual great bike at a great price through some sweat equity. Or maybe you want or have a donor bike, or just want a blank slate for your customizations. If not, oh well, I’ll half enjoy fixing it and will sell it this spring without all this baggage and uncertainty.

Here’s my math:
  • If it was clean, it would be worth $7000 to $8000. It isn’t clean.
  • The dealer’s parts list of $5000 is just silly. Not much more than $1000 to get it fully mission capable, solid, but blemished. <<$3000 to get it back to awfully pretty. See the details in the marked up original quote and my initial assessments in the 0_Info.PDF file in the folder.
  • So call it conservatively ~ $2000 to get it to a bike with some great mods, 72K miles, and a ding or two but well worth $6000 to $7000. Hence my $3500 to $4500 valuation of it as it sits.
Don’t trust my repair math. Do your own based on the pics (plenty there, more to follow) and the repairs you think are needed based on your own threshold for buy new / scrounged used / fix / or live with a scuff rather than global remove & replace. Partzilla is running 20-30% below dealer quote on most of what I’ve looked at so far.

Feel free to make an offer at any time along the way. The mix of broken parts, fixed parts, and stack of things waiting to go on will evolve. Here’s my plan:
  • Unless someone buys it first, I will tear into it in the next few weeks to get the non-discretional things done -- replace the right radiator & put on a new brake lever (already ordered).
  • As parts come off for the radiator repair, I’ll assess all the fairing components and other ticky tacky little things. Refine my plan, make my shopping & To Do list, and put in the second and probably final parts order, probably around the end of February.
  • In mid- to late-March, I’ll fix it up, take a few sentimental rides for old time’s sake, and then list it all fixed up, turn-key, with whatever warts are left on it.
I’ll put more pics into Dropbox when I have them. If you have questions, I’ll answer them if/when I can. But I’m pushing out what I’ve got, full disclosure and just seeking a mutually fair price. Most of the answers will be in your assessment of the pics. PM me and we can talk there or by phone.
I prefer face to face for cash on the barrel head and local pickup. Don’t we all? No games played or corners cut on mutually secure payment & title transactions. I’m happy to cooperate on shipping that you set up or otherwise facilitate an honest deal.

I’ve got a friend who says his girlfriend doesn’t like the back of his ninjasaki. I’ve warned him that I’ll give her a ride on the Goldwing I’ll have for sale and she’ll never go back on a yamakazi or talk to him if he doesn’t buy it. Do him and maybe yourself and me a favor. Buy it before we get there.


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Well don't all jump at once! ;)

Strangest Partzilla order ever arrived last night. Box 1 of 1 of parts I ordered came all mangled, including a damaged radiator that will have to be returned. Box 2 of 1 also showed up, addressed to me (i.e. not UPS error), with at least a dozen parts I did NOT order. Too bad they're not Goldwing parts!

So much for round 1 of fixing happening this weekend.

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A big factor for any potential buyer is the status of the title. Clear title or salvage?
Clear title.

One owner, me, with no lien holder. Insurance result was decision to repair, not total, with payout to me. Splitting hairs, perhaps there is a report against the VIN of the "major" claim by dollar value (tupperware and cosmetics, mostly). Don't know about that, but no blemish on the title.
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