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Just installed the 2012 CB radio and it seems to be working. I was planning to have the dealer install it because of my history installing the CB in my 2005. I assumed I would have to get under the center panel and was hesitant to do that with the airbag involved. Reading a few deeper posts here this morning showed me I shouldn't assume things are as they were. Everything's done inside the trunk in the 2012 in about 25 minutes. Guess I should've read the instructions (already had the antenna installed). The only thing I don't like is not being able to put an SWR meter on it to fine tune the antenna. I have the meter but the connectors don't fit. I slid the antenna into its mount all the way into the yoke before tightening the two set screws when it was installed. After installing the CB, I went on I-95 and asked for a radio check. The trucker said he was a few minutes away mileage marker-wise and though I sounded weak, it was clear. MY 2005 never reached two miles, so I guess it's up and running.

Just a side note, I've learned so much from this forum the last two weeks. I'm almost ready to attempt installing the Centramatic Balancers myself (wheel removal). I really appreciate everyone's advice and assistance and hope to contribute more as I gain experience...

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