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I have an Ipod question for the 2012 owners.

1. Do the song titles display on the radio?

1a. and If yes does it matter wether you have the level 1 Premium audio or do you have to have the Navi-Version or higher to show playlists/songs?

2. Can you view and change playlists?

3. Are there any limits to how many songs can be in a playlist?

I use a Hondspndr for my Ipod on for my 2008, but it sure leaves a lot to be desired.


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With my 2012 navi and IPod, I do see the song title and you can swap playlists.

That is also true using a much cheaper memory stick. ($7 for 4 Gig.) Have to have it set up right, though.

I have yet to master it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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