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My wife and I just tested the new 2012 GL1800. Nice! Turn in is neutral and effortless. The bike holds its line with no further steering input. The seat, front and back is very comfortable. Way better than my Burgman, although, my wife would like a more vertical backrest. Plenty of power to merge with dense freeway traffic. No side to side buffeting at 65-70 mph--this is a real problem on the 650.

I learned that I can let the clutch out without adding any gas--even two up! The bike doesn't even hesitate. It just pulls smoothly away. I can shift using half clutch or no clutch, although the bike likes this better at 3500-4000 rpm. Cruise control works fine, and allows me to ride with very little grip on the bars. This is important as I have problems with my hands.

Low speed stop and go city traffic was no problem. It was about as easy as the Burgman. I was a bit concerned about stopping. Not that it was actaully tricky, but I was nervous about all that weight. I think this was mostly psychological.

So, great handling, no buffeting, comfortable set, easy shifting and fine in traffic. We'll pick the bike up in two weeks.
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