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Well I finally got around to replacing the rear speakers. Every time I wanted to do this the weather was nice and I ended up riding instead. The Focals in the front made a huge difference looking forward to the rear updates.

1. Speaker replacements.
Focal 4"rear speaker replacements I have chosen to match my front replacements.

2. Cutting the template
Cutting the template our (if cutting plexi or similar) wrap in painters tape and when cutting it will not melt and adhere back together.

3. Speaker Housing
Holding the speaker housing. There are actually 5 screws holding this in place. 3 are on the bottom and the other 2 can be removed when you remove the trunk lining (15 screws).Look at figure 4a.

4. Speaker Housing in Place with speaker removed
Speaker housing removed. This is where the three screws from the bottom hold the top of the speaker housing. Speaker leads

4a. Inner Trunk lining
There are 15 screws required then there are also the latches that need to be removed as well (4 screws). This lid is required to be undone because there are 2 screw on each side in behind the lid required to be removed to remove the speaker housing.

4b Inner Trunk Lining
Look closely, Top screw is black, the silver one is below and those remove the trunk lid. Then there is a hidden screw you can see deeper. There is also on behind the actual lid to the left that needs to be removed.

5 Speaker in Place
Speaker housing with the template screwed in place and then the speaker mounted to the template. Speaker in place.

7 Speaker mounted in housing
Speaker back in place. (yes it was wiped down before replaced permanently). Please ensure, when you replace the grill cover, there are three tabs (look above the screws), these tabs must be inserted first then the metal pins will drop into place. The the bottom will need to be pushed into place with a snapping sound as the clips go into place.


8. Finished install
Finished product back in place, Install complete.

Total time for this was approximately 3 1/2 hours. Most of the time was spent creating the first template. This is a bit of a task but the most important is creating the template. You will not be disappointed with the results.

I hope this helps with others that would like to take the time to upgrade their sound systems speakers. You will not be disappointed in the outcome. Good luck and enjoy the results. Well worth the time.

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Did you use the exact same speakers for the fronts?
Have to do the template for the front also?

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Good morning.
The fronts are 5 1/4", same speakers for the front and rears. As for the template, I traced from the original speaker to make a fitting template. The templates from front will not fit for the rears and same vice versa.

There are drop in speakers apparently without the requirement of templates but, I wanted a higher quality speaker and this came with the extra work. If you have any issues let me know, I could pull a front and trace out the template and scan it to size so you can print and build from there if needed.
Hope this helped.
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