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I am interested in updating my 2012 Navigation unit to the latest map (Version 2021.20).

I started to look at the post "FYI - How to update your NAVI to the latest everything", but that thread appears to be for the Gen1 Navigation System.

When I bought the G/W last year, I purposely paid Garmin for the latest version, so that it would update "everything" on the Navigation system. Now, I just want to update the map, itself.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 2598LTM, which allow me to get lifetime updates of the map and this morning, I updated the Nuvi.

Hypothetically, do I simply copy the /Garmin/gmapprom.img file from the Nuvi to the /Garmin folder of the SD card? It appears that there are two other gmapprom files with extensions .unl and .gma, that also updated on the Nuvi this morning. Do I need to copy them over as well?

I will get a (blank) SD card and copy everything over from the existing card and then replace the relevant files, but would appreciate any insight into exactly which files need to be copied over, first.

Again, all of this is hypothetical....

Thanks, Allan
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