The time has come. I purchased this 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT in Red, white and blue brand new. I have enjoyed this bike phenomenally. It is decked out with all kinds of goodies but I won't list all of them. I'll just link my C/L ad and you can see all of what it's about. The bike only has 7,800 miles on it. I don't even want to sell it because I really, really like this bike. But, it's now sitting more than my beloved '18 Wing DCT so, no sense in just letting a great bike sit there gathering dust. Someone can make it a good home. Anyway, if there's any questions, please feel free to ask either on here or, in a conversation etc. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Here's basically what I stated in the ad:
2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT 1000 cc.
This is the Red, White and Blue version with the infamous 6-spd DCT (totally automatic) transmission. If you've done ANY research, you already know these are ultra fine Adventure bikes. This version comes with:
Heated Grips, adjustable front and rear suspension, Li-Ion battery etc. from the factory. I have added the McCruise electronic cruise control, Dynamic rear rack, Dynamic hinged passenger back rest, OEM center stand, Camel-toe ultra side stand, Double take mirrors, SAE Battery charge cord, and Tusk Pannier racks. Along with the Tusk racks, I have TWO sets of panniers. One is the soft Tusk Pilot Panniers and the other is hard case panniers. Both sets are fitted with quick release mechanisms for ease of install and removal.

The bike is also fitted with TUBLESS rims! And, I have almost brand new Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires! I have never "adventured" with this bike so the panniers have never been used. The most off roading I've done is one forest service road in Williams AZ, flat and smooth. So, this bike has never been mistreated or even used hard in any way. The paint is flawless. There is a grand total of 7,800 miles on it. I bought it brand new and put the first mile on it.

I love this bike immensely but, I just don't ride it and it sits. I love the DCT. It's automatic shifting is flawless. But, you also have paddle shifters just in case you feel like taking control when ever you feel. It also has a MANUAL mode too. In that mode, YOU'RE IN CONTROL of the shifting! There are also multiple engine control modes, ABS modes, Engine braking modes, power modes and more. 99.999% of that stuff I never messed with.

This bike is bone stock in terms of suspension settings, exhaust, and more. I'm sure I'm missing something but, you get the point. The engine controls also "blip" the throttle as it down shifts when you're slowing down, just like you would manually. I don't really want to sell it, but, it's too valuable just sitting there so.... I don't need any help in selling it so don't ask. All services are done in accordance with Honda's guidelines per manual. This bike is ready to take you anywhere. Start it, push the "D" button and hang on!

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