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First of all let me state that my comparisons are with an 01, with 190K on the ODO.

The clutch is noisy in engagement, also on cold start, the ECM increases the engine speed upon engagement. I tried a new 06 and it was the same.

The front Dunlop 250 did not last one day. Casing shift, severe wobble, new 250 has a small amount of out of roundness. Stones may come sooner than I expected.

The radio and cb are on the same page. But it should have been this way in 01.

Engine management is improved. Gas gauge has more ticks or lines. Reserve light is larger and more visible than the 01. ODO appears to be in error about the same as the 01. I had 140K on my old Jim Ahlman unit, and I will probably spring for a new one.

I have contacted US Paint, and they have not canned any quarts as of yet. Only gallons, two weeks I was told.

This appears to be a cash flow year for Honda, no changes, just sell them.

Ed Jenkins, Pawnee, Il
01, 190,000 miles at the dealer
07, 2,000 miles in the garage

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Hi Ed,
Good to see your posting. I was down @**** in DEC today and they had a used 05GL with 19K and a newer set of Metzler 880's on it for sale. We got to talking about the 880's and the service manager wanted me to go out and ride it. He said he won't mount 880's on a Wing. I took it out and I loved emed. Took it for about a 30 mile ride and bike handles like on a rail on a on ramp. I did notice a little more wobble @45MPH with one hand but nothing I couldn't live with. The 05 seemed to be much slower than my 06 in high gear roll on. Dunno might just have been me or this bike but I like my 06 better in this area. It also had a heel and toe shifter and floor boards which I was not use to.
Dean was over today and we looked at my tires. Dean seems to think they might go 16K they are @9K now. Can't complain about the 250 orginal Dunlaps on my bike. I don't have any wobble and seem ok on traction but with 9K not as good as the 880's. Oh on the speed-0 my 06 is 3MPH fast @75. GPS says 72MPH.

See you later buddy looking forward to ridin with that new 07. :D
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