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On Saturday April 1st, 2017 at noon, numerous riders will be meeting at Lucy's on the Square in Celina, TX for the 3rd Annual Celina Ride to Eat. The goal is to ride your motorcycle there, eat good food, tell a bunch of lies, and then ride back to wherever the **** you came from. Actually, we don't care how you get there, just come on.

This year will be presenting 3 separate awards for outstanding rider participation:
1.) The rider who rides the farthest distance to get to the RTE via motorcycle. For those that wan't to attempt this recognition, let me know. The documentation requirements are pretty easy. Almost criminal. Right up your alley.

2). The rider who has the highest distance versus motorcycle engine displacement. For example, a Goldwing rider who travels 1800 miles to the RTE. That's 1800 miles / 1800 cc engine displacement = 1. A rider on a Ninja 250 who travels 500 miles to the RTE would be 500 miles / 250 cc engine displacement = 2. The Ninja clearly wins the award. If you think you may want to attempt for this award, let me know so I can give you official instructions.

3) Last but not least, there will be a select panel of expert fashion aficianados who will judge entrants into the "Best Dressed Category". So bust out your 1970's tuxedo and prom dress and come on down to the Celina RTE.

We promise that the awards for these distinctive and impressive categories will be just as cheesy as the categories themselves.

We plan on starting to gather up about 11 am and will look to be eating at noon, Central time zone.

If you have any questions, let me know.

-Paul Tong
NIITWIt Rallies
[email protected]
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