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Hi people,

I just got back from some rather quick riding (90+) at night and in some places in heavy rain. Had to make a quick 500 mile round trip to pick up some important stuff.

I gotta thank Don for those low beam bulbs. Not only a killer price and great service in getting them to me, but they are way brighter than the old ones. I tripped over a rock opening my gate as the low beam was so bright when I walked past the front of the bike, I couldn't see where I was stepping.

I live in the boonies with 1/4 mile of dirt road and chain and padlock front gate, in case you are wondering about the rocks. :) :) We recently had 11" of rain over two nights and my driveway looks like a mini version of the Grand canyon. If 11" doesn't sound much, our Annual average is 12.7" Yup, been a bit damp here of late.

Thanks again Don, I sure hope you got the cash I mailed you. You never mentioned that it did not arrive so I guess it did.

Thanks anyway.

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