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2018 Honda Goldwing Tour DCT Airbag
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I for one, most certainly won't chastise this fella. It's apparently something he's intent on doing. I gotta give it to him for pushing himself and the bike, that hard and that long. I couldn't do that if I was paid to. It's everything I can do to be on the bike for a measly 5 hours, from here at home in Lake Havasu City AZ to see the kids and the wifes mom in San Diego, a measly 287 miles. THEN I have to return the trip a couple of days later. It takes me a week to recoup from that. Oh well, this boy's got a plan and, he's apparently sticking to it. Good luck for him. I hope he makes it to his goal safely with all the numbnuts on the road these days.
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