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50 or 96?

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What's 96 like as far as traffic, speed enforcement, gas? Would it be better overall than 50 across Kansas?
Lots of wind?...Yes I know it's in Kansas!!...LOL
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I've ridden 50 across and it's not bad other than you will run into heavy truck traffic in places. Fuel isn't a problem for the most part and yes it will probably be windy on any of the roads. I haven't ridden 96 however I doubt if there is as much truck traffic on it. I don't know it it's too far north or not but 36 is also a good road and not a lot of traffic on it. On 36 you will miss all the larger cities on your way across.
Thanks for the reply, but that's a little too far north.
I've crossed Kansas several times on RT 50 to avoid the interstate. Enjoy the stockyards at Dodge City. You will know when you pass them.
Thanks for the reply, but that's a little too far north.
I was afraid that was too far north but just thought I would toss it in.
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