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I put on 70's when I did tire change and have a couple thousand miles on them now, Here are a couple observations for anyone who cares to read.
1. I don't drag pegs near as often.
2.I have not touched my boot on the ground in a curve. That is not a pleasant thing for me.
3.Better ride, could be the tires are new or just different.
4.Speedo is accurate with GPS.
5.Odometer is 2% off with GPS. Clock says 100 miles, GPS says 102.
6.Bike handles a little different. I guess the geometry changed a little with the taller tire.
7. My wife says the bike leans more on the sidestand. I didn't notice it but I am standing when it is leaned over. She is planted in the seat.
8. The tach is 3000 at 70 instead of 3300.
I like this tire and wonder why Honda sees fit to put on the smaller 60's.I don't know now if a CT is in my future because I like the clearance the new rubber offers. The only thing I can find in RF that is close is the 195/60. I think it is a Goodyear and the tread isn't symetrical on the tire. I have no idea what, if any difference this would make but am open to suggeations.
Thanks for playing along.​
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