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Bob had been a long time Wing owner and known by many for his great sense of humour and had retired from aviation when the airline was at the peak of its glory. He had invested wisely and was set to enjoy his well earned retirement but regrettably his wife passed away two years after he was forced out to pasture. The years passed and it became well known throughout his circle of riding friends that he was an extremely wealthy widower. One day he showed up at the regular monthly breakfast meeting with a breathtaking and very sexy 25 year old blonde who knocked everyone's socks off with her youthful sex appeal and charm ,and who hung over Bob's arm and listened intently to his every word.

His buddies were all aghast. At the very first chance, they cornered him and asked how 70 year old Bob could get such a trophy girlfriend.

Bob replied, "Girlfriend? She's not my girlfriend, she’s my wife!"

His friends are amazed and one asked "So, how'd you persuade her to marry you?"

"I lied about my age", Bob replied.

"What did you tell her,…… you were only 50?"

Bob smiled and said, "Not really ….., I told her I was 90."

(Note to LaMonster - have you given any thoughts to a 'stories' forum? This would fit right in.)
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