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Thank you to all who participated in the Goldwing Workshop at J&P today, it was a great turn out of members from this board. What they had planned and what they did got me by surprise, because the ad copy they provide to me had a lot more. Like anything it is subject to change by the management. I was happy to be part of the back row in the 'Standing Room Only' section and to see it all unfold.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a lot.

The 2:00pm session had only two people and they represented two ends of the Goldwing family, one gentleman had a GL1200 and another had a 2012 GL1800 and it was more of a general BS session. The gentleman with the older GL1200 and I did more conversing and I gave him places to find older Wing parts. Like anything everyone mostly knows about the new bikes, hardly anyone knows about the 'Classic' Wings.

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Angelo, Mean Dean, Big Rod, and Mad Mike...early arrivals

Ken drags in on a baloney skin (front tire) new brand called "May Pop"

Bill and Pauline

The Organizer "Trike Lady"

Glen has to take this important call

Brother Dave

Richard wastes no time in the hot dog line, finally quit wearing his wife's pink shirt:eek:4:

No hot dog for Jamie, saving his room for Hooligans

Mike finds this fascinating:eek:

Crockett sneaks in late

Wilkes wins the Grand Prize
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