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Today Mikey and I had the privilege to finally meet the infamous and world traveled Jim Davis (aka The Captain). For those that have not yet had the opportunity you're missing a real kick in pants. Jim drove over the hill today to meet us at Cycle Giant, and give the place a look. The man was like a kid in candy store, and in between throwing another purchase on the counter he would share some of his life experiences. Some of his stories absolutely cracked us up. He was able to meet Rick and a few others that even I didn't know. Jerry and Evelynn from San Juan where two of those people that came in on a very pretty Black Wing. In no time at all, as usual we all started looking at one anothers bikes and comparing notes. Jerry was so taken by the transformer boards that he had to buy a set, not only for the looks but for the comfort and concern for his lovely bride.
For those of you that don't know, Kury in their infamous wisdom neglected to complete the mfg process and it requires the transfer of a small spring, detent ball and clip from the original boards. When sharing this information with Jerry he almost looked sad saying " I don't think these big O' hands can do that". Well what the heck Jerry were headed for the house to do some installs for the Captain, so just come on over and we'll knock those out also. As a big smile with almost some disbelief came accross his face he ran inside and got his boards and followed us to the house. After the six of us arrived at the house, Jerry came to me and said " how long ya'll been riding together"? Answer was, "well Jerry before today we didn't even know one another except for the GL1800 board. For Mikey and I this is what it is all about, meeting good people and being able to give a helping hand. Thanks to GL1800 and for giving us all the opportunity to meet new people and shop for our babies.
A life changing experience came from this board a little over a year ago when Mikey and I were blessed by the new found relation with The Bulldog and Meesh. A relationship that we shall cherish the rest of our life.
After getting Jerry and Evelyn back on the road we started in on the Captains bike
His Black Cherry Wing is quite good looking, and the way this guy goes shopping it will be dressed out in the blink of an eye. Mikey and I had a wonderful day with Jim, only wishing we could have met Charlotte, but that will be another day I'm sure.
Jim is one of those guys that we would all like to call friend.
Jim thanks for the great day and great company!
Gary & Mikey
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