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All are invited and I have been on both routes, so you look at them and post your preferred route...Most votes on Route 1 or Route 2. Sorry, but I-20 is the fastest way to get out of here. Meet up at 6:30AM and KSU at 7 AM. We have almost 700 miles to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The places that I will be staying are all listed (names and phone numbers). You will need to call and make your own reservations either where I will be or where ever you want. I have been over these roads many times in the past and the scenery we will go thru will be the cat's meow. We will make a rest stop for about 15 minutes at every gas fill up, between 180 and 200 miles...sooner if you cant go that far. This ride is going to take you to some double cool places...Tombstone, Az, Devils Hwy 666, Goose Neck State Park, Moki Dugway, Million Dollar Hwy, Independence Pass, Monarch Pass and Wolf Creek Pass. Bring a warm jacket. All are welcome to come along...leaving out on Saturday, June 10 and arriving back home on Sunday, June 18, 2023. Make sure that your scooter is in tip-top shape because we will not be going thru any big towns.

I can not post the links or the slide show videos here because of the no You Tube thing, but if you want to see the 2 videos...message me and I will send you the You Tube links. The basic difference is one route goes to Tombstone, Arizona and the other route doesnt. From day 3 on, the routes are close to the same. The meet-up spot is the Mobile Station on the northwest corner of I-20 and hwy 171/51 in Weatherford, Texas...or we can meet up somewhere along the way.

Lubbock, back to Fort Worth


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