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Yesterday I received (in the mail) a "new" F4+4 w/vent ($360.00) .. so why is that so great ?

Turns out 2 weeks ago I discovered that my "old" F4+4 w/vent had developed a crack in the area where the vent was screwed to the shield itself .. PLUS .. the vent had stopped working. I know .. your thinking .. how can a manual vent stop working .. well it did. Stopped in the closed position and I couldn't get it open without fear of breaking either it or the shield. So I called the folks at F4 and got to talk with the same young man who installed it at the last Cats-Cade .. I explained the problems, also explained that it was a week over/past the two year warranty .. well he asked if I could wait a few weeks because all their shields were packed and ready for transport to Americade and if I could .. he'd send out a replacement with a return shipping voucher .. NO CHARGE TO ME FOR ANYTHING .. I had no problem agreeing with that and yesterday .. I got a brand new shield in the mail .. ;O)

My hats off to the folks at F4, that's what I call GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE ..

BTW, if you've never ridden behind a F4 shield .. you should .. once you do, you'll never want anything else on your bike. They dissapate rain like nothing else .. well, maybe a good coating of RainX .. maybe. Nothing sticks to it either .. no double sided stick'um, bugs, EZ Pass .. or decals/stickers either. If you want to put someting on it .. you're going to have to get creative.
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