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Steve,not to hijack, but could you give me a first impression of the Corbin seat?
Trying to decide between Ultimate and Corbin...

I don't think you can go wrong with either. I sat on a friends 1800 with the Ultimate and was very comfortable on it, I almost bought one. I have a bad hip and bad back and most seats hurt.
I've had 2 other bikes with Corbin seats and it did the trick as far as eliminating the pain but they were flat seats that made me feel like I was sitting up high on a comfortable board (they did raise me up).
I put a Russell on my FJR and liked it but one day while my FJR was in the shop I noticed another FJR with a Corbin seat on it. I sat on it and could not believe how comfortable it was. I would have bought one for the FJR if I had known that. It was "scooped out" where your butt goes and I loved it. I knew w/o even sitting on one that I'd love it for the wing since it has that nice scooped out area for your butt. After thinking about the Ultimate which I knew for sure was comfortable I took a chance on the Corbin.
The quality/craftmanship is amazing. Its a piece of furniture! The stock goldwing seat feels like such lightweight garbage (it is) when you hold it side by side with the Corbin. My wife could not believe the difference in quality when she held them both.
The Corbin does not raise the seating position and it seems about the same height as stock.
The seat also installs easily and the fit is perfect. Just drop it in place and screw it in. You don't even need those bushing thingies but do need the OEM grab rails. I took a few minutes to adjust the angle of the backrest by simply turning the adjusting screw and went for a ride.
I had been using a wingsoft upgrade and that worked for me on previous goldwings when I just had low back problems. But now since I have torn cartilage in the hip I need the support on my "butt bones" that the wingsoft does not provide since it only replaces the center seat section. I had been still riding with pain/discomfort and was thrilled when riding with the Corbin that it totatly relieved my pain or kept it from creeping up / waking up. It is Soooo comfortable, I loved the scooped out fit and the backrest works really well. You can order it with any of their backrests but the girl who took my order said I should get the one made for the 1800 seat as shown on their website so I did. She also said that I could exchange the backrest if I didn't like it. I ordered the seat as shown with black leather and the dark "snake" leather trim.
Lots do complain about the Corbin being hard and you see more of them for sale than the Ultimate but I also know guys who only ride on a Corbin seat and with this being my 3rd Corbin I have to say its all I plan to use from now on. I'm 5-11 185lbs with a bony butt and this works wonders. The Corbin is great for big guys as well.
If the Russell looked as good as the Corbin I may have gotten it since I was happy with the Russell on my FJR but I just don't like the looks of it on the wing.
All are good choices and my decision was part looks but also knowing it worked in the past.
All 3 of my Corbins were shipped from CA to GA in 2 weeks or less.
I forgot to mention that the passenger seat works very well. I sat on the back and my legs fit perfect around the backrest, great design!

2008 GL1800
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