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Bought an 07 1800 in Feb/08 and finally got it home in April of 08. The first long trip made on it was a 600 km jaunt to attend a funeral. Left at 1am on May 1/08 and the temperature was 1C. However, with a snowmobile suit on, and the comfort package turned on the temperature was quite manageable until the heaters crapped out 120 km into the trip. After that my hands got cold enough to consider turning back. Stopped and a Tim Horton's to warm up and coffee up, and in a warmer frame of mind, decided to go on. The temperature did warm up to 5C but in Sudbury it started to rain. By this time it was shorter to go on than turn around. To make a long story short, I survived to attend the funeral (not my own thank god).
The trip back in the afternoon was excellent and made up for the misery of the previous night. Not needing the comfort package in the summer, the bike wasn't returned to the dealership for repair under warranty till Nov/08. They couldn't work on it at that time since deer hunting season was in full swing. My bike was stored at the dealership all winter while they did the repair. Picked it up a week ago, went for 5 km and the heaters crapped out again. Back to the dealer. They couldn't test drive it in the winter when they did the repair, but it did work in the shop.
Picked it up today, and they had replaced both grips, the seat and the heater control module, taken it for a 50 km test run and left the tank a lot fuller than when I dropped it off. Total cost. Zilch.
For those few of you who might live in this area, the dealer was
Pete's Sales & Service
Petawawa, On, Canada.
I figure they deserve a few kudos.
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