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ABS problem.

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Hi guys.
We installed a Rivco hitch and the Rivco handle bar Illuminators the other day.
For some reason the ABS light remains on now. The bike is on 03.
Any ideas what we might have done to cause this problem?
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Is the ABS light on solid or flashing?
I'm looking through the shop manual and it could be a wire bundle amybe loss in the box where we were working to get the hitch arms up through under the seat.

My guy had to unwrap some wires to make room and possibly we have a loos conector.
Have you ridden the bike ? The ABS light is susposed to stay on until the bike starts moving. Normally it goes off after about 20 - 30 feet.
Customer took it home late yesterday. Called last night to say the light stayed on.
It was around freezing and he just wanted to get home instead of coming back.
He has snow on the ground this morning so I can't do any riding to check out the system.
I was just wondering with the # of riders and handy guy's on here if someone might have an idea.
The shop manual gives at lot of info, I but have to be able to ride it to checkout the codes.
I'm going in his direction on Sunday so will stop in and take a look under the bike and see if I can feel any loose conector,s on the ABS unit under the seat.
Sounds like you bent or dislodged the rear ABS pickup or ring when fitting the hitch. I doubt if fitting the handlebar light kit would cause that problem.
If it is a pick up or snsor ring, I think the light would be blinking. I would check for any codes in the memory, then try a reset. After that, I would be looking at the connenctors. If I remember, the right side was really tight when I installed my hitch.
On this one the left side was really tight. Had to push the wiring bundle with a screw driver and even took off some of the tape around a yellow conector.
I'm sure we will figure it out. Just ahve to get the weather on our side so he can bring the bike back to go over it.
Thanks guys.
Possibly a blown fuse. Screw driver may have touched a wire and grounded it.

1. Remove the No. 5 and 6 control motor fuses from the fuse box (10;
page 17-4) with the ignition switch turned to OFF to be sure that
each fuse is not burned out.
• If either fuse is burned out, perform the troubleshooting of problem
code “4” (No. 5 fuse) or “5” (No. 6 fuse) without installing the fuse.
2. Turn the ignition switch to ON. The ABS indicator should come on.
3. Wait for 5 seconds and the ABS indicator goes off.
4. Install either the No. 5 or the No. 6 fuse immediately after the ABS
indicator is off (within 3 seconds).

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On this one the left side was really tight. Had to push the wiring bundle with a screw driver and even took off some of the tape around a yellow conector.
I would look in this area for your problem.Loose yellow connector or where you pushed the wires with the screwdriver could've damaged a wire??
Just a thought :shrug:
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