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Was riding with 3 friends, a couple and one other rider, the husband and wife were on separate bikes. He was leading, she was behind him and I was pulling up the rear. We had just went the a four way stop in Whitewright, Texas and was just getting back up to speed, when the husband slowed quickly, his wife ran into the back of him at about 35 mph. Both went down hard, but luckily no serious injuries. Against better judgment, he rode his bike home (over 2 hours away) and got his trailer to carry the other one home.

During the 3.5 hours I sat with his wife's bike, waiting on them to return, I thought of just how quickly this had happened and how lucky everyone was to be pretty good shape.

Be careful and stay alert, it happens so fast.

Billy sorry to hear, but glad they are alright . They must not have been riding in a staggered formation, too bad . :(
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