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Add a spoiler to a Bushtec Quantum GL

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Just Bought a Quantum GL from a dealer ;):excited: and it did not have a spoiler.:cry: The wife wanted one so I found a spoiler for a GL1800.;)
The question I have is will it work? The ones I see from Bushtec have the ends turned down.
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The mount/bolt points for both spoilers are in about the same place (same width apart)

The GL1800 spoiler is about 3 inches narower and about 9 inches shorter (less wide)

Can you bolt a GL1800 spoiler onto the back of a Bushtec Quantum GL...yes I would think so.

Will it "work"? I do believe that the spoiler should go all the way to the edge of whatever it is mounted on.....the GL1800 spoiler will be about 4.5 inches too short on each side. The Bushtec spoiler is also truned down on the ends which as I understand it enables it to do the job.

PERSONALLY I think the GL1800 spoiler would look entirely too small and out of place on the back of your trailer.

Bushtec is still having thie winter sale. You have purchased a well built, top of the line trailer. My suggestion would be to get the spoiler designed for your trailer.

All that said you may want to give Bushtec a call or send an e-mail for their thoughts. I would guess someone else would have asked the same question to them at some point.
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I have a Quantum with a spoiler and I would be concerned about attempting to put the Honda spoiler on the Bushtec. The honda spoiler mounts on a more rounded surface and I would be concerned about the the radius of the mounting surface being different on the trailer. You might get it bolted up but over time the extra stress may cause something to break. I'd stick with Bushtec's spoiler. Check with them and I'm sure they could mount a color matched spoiler at a rally near you.
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