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I bought the Add-On Vertical Receiver Hitch and just so happened that I was swapping out my rear wheel/tire (I keep a spare new tire mounted on a spare rim) so when UPS dropped off my hitch.. I had the rear wheel off. This made it alot easier.

You MUST use "CWOLAW's" instructions and if you follow them, it's a snap.

The only 2 problems I had were getting the "V" bracket to line up with the support tab holes. I just closed the "V" a bit and it worked fine. Then I was trying to get the last bolt into the "H" bracket and no matter how much I pried and cursed and yelled.. it wouldn't line up. I took 1 bolt and tapered the end of the bolt, then I re-cut the threads (NC 16) on the taper so that I would be able to let the bolt help me pull everything into line. After re-working the 4th bolt, I was able to get it installed and snugged down.

The whole process took me about 2 hours. The advantage I have is that I have a motorcycle lift.

I was impressed with the fit and finish on this hitch and I'm not sure that spending the extra $$ on a more expensive one would be worth it. I bought the hitch to use with the 11x 16 Cargo tray.

Anyone in the Phoenix area that would like help installing this.. Just let me know. I have a Lift and we can do it in about 3 hours including taking the rear tire off.

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