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Garmin sites must have been down most of the day. Got in late this afternoon. Had hard time finding the 4.80 update. WebUpdater stated there was no new updates even though I show the 4.70 version in my unit. Finally found this site and it show the 4.80 update = ... 0-00273-03 . However, I still couldn't transfer it to my 2610 because it couldn't find 'Garmin or Host". I switched the connection on my tower to another slot next to the one I had the plug in that connected to my 2610 and BINGO, it worked. So, if you ever get the note that it can't find your system, switch to another port and maybe it will work. I've had problems in the past with this note when installing information.
Don Pittillo
Garmin 2610

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Changes made from version 4.70 to 4.80:

* Corrected a problem that could skip via points and go straight to the destination when using City Navigator North America v8.0.
* Corrected a problem that could cause a shutdown when doing a POI find-by-name with City Navigator North America v8.0.
* Corrected a problem with the odometer field on the main map that caused the mileage number to blank when over 9,999 miles or kilometers.
* Corrected a problem that prevented the search results page from updating while moving.

Changes made from version 4.60 to 4.70:

* Corrected '11' and '1' in the French and French Canadian voices.
* Allow trip log distance to wrap back to zero when it overflows.
* Improved consistency between trip log and odometer distances.
* Improved compatibility with some CF cards.

Changes made from version 4.50 to 4.60:

* Improved WAAS search and selection process to be smarter in its handling of multiple SBAS service providers, overlapping service volumes, and exceptional conditions.
* Corrected a problem that could cause the Mileage Log distance to become corrupted, resulting in a distance that is displayed as all underscores.

Changes made from version 4.40 to 4.50:

* Corrected loss of route after Route Recalculation when the 'Ask My Preference' routing option is set to 'No'.
* Corrected loss of mileage data between power cycles.
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