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I recently installed the EC Platinum Driving Lights on my 06 GoldWingand was amazed at how much trouble it was to aim them eventhough I had read a number of post to that effect I figured that would be able to succeed. I was WRONG. I bet I had the lower cowl off & on 10 times and still was not happy with the results. I admit that I am fussy about aiming my lights but I know from much past experience where I want the light to shine. After stepping back away the bike for a few minutes I came up with a simple procedure that finally worked for me.
1. Follow EC's instructions for mounting and wiring the lights.
2. Disconnected the side springs to allow easy access to the mounting/adjusting bolts.
3. Center the lights in the lower cowling holes.
4. Tighten mounting/adjusting bolts enough to allow the lights to move using a moderate amount of force.
5. Connect wires and install lower cowl.
6. Obtain a piece of coat hanger wire about 6 -8 inches long.
7. On one end of wire bend a 90 degree angle about 1/8 - 3/16 inch long.
8. On the other end of the wire bend another 90 degree angle about 3 -4 inches long.
9. Position bike in front of a flat vertical wall or on a dark level road to aim lights.
10. Remove headlight fuse from fuse block so that only driving lights are lit.
11. Insert the short end of wire tool between the bottom of the light and the lower cowl cut-out and hook it on the backside of the light and pull forward to raise beam and insert the wire tool between the top of the light and the cowl cut-out and pull forward on the light to lower the beam until you get the beam where you want it.
12. Remove lower cowl and scribe an alignment mark on the rubber gasket that the wires exit the bulb thru and on the metal EC mounting backet in order to ensure that the bulb does not change position when you tighten the mounting bolts to their final torque.
13. Reinstall the two side springs on each light.
14. Reinstall lower cowl & center cowl.
15. Reinstall headlight fuse.
16. Enjoy your new lights.

Ride Safe
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