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MotorcycleBoy said:
Save your money and mount LED's above the controls or do something else. I put those cheap things on my '02 back in '03 and they started going dark from the edges within the 1st 6 months. Now they are useless. Someone else already mentioned the cheesey connectors so I won't say anything else about them.
Why didn't you contact Rivco when you noticed they weren't working correctly in only 6 months? They most likely would have replaced them for you.

I really like my Rivco lighted controls. They were one of the first items I added to my 03. They look like they are factory items on the bike and I think they look better than the lighted controls that Honda puts on the 04 and up model Wing. I have had my Rivco lighted controls for over 3 years now, have rode many miles in the rain, and they have worked flawlessly and still look brand new. I do turn them off in the day time as I do with all my added lights.

The only down side to the Rivco lighted controls is if you have to remove the control pods for any reason then the Rivco units might be damaged and need to be replaced. I email Rivco about this and they said to use a hair dryer to heat them up and they would come off and to reinstall them using some adhesive. I also thought I seen that Rivco was selling replacement panels, I think one side at a time in case there is a need to replace them.
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