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I changed my air filter today at 41,200 miles on my 2005 Wing. This is the third time as I changed at 17,000, 24,000 and now at 41,200. I changed the air filter early at 24,000 miles because I had ridden in a sand storm for 500 miles while riding the IBA 100CCC with the MTF.

I have now changed the air filter 4 times on a Wing as I did it once on my 2003. It took 2 hours from start to finish. I did not rush, I even took a couple brakes. I keep everything organized as I take it off so it is easier to put it back on.

I am a computer consultant not a mechanic so I think that this should be a project most of us can do.

All of the parts off

Another photo with everything removed

Old air filter. Does not look to bad but I did ride over 3000 miles in the rain and there was a lot of stuff in between the folds of the air filter.
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