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Air Vent seat cushion ?

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Do these work?
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If they are from texas, yes. A foam covered cushion about an inch thick. Lets air flow under while in use. We use them anytime we travel all day ride. Yes would buy again. Cost was about $90 for the set.
I have one, but I'm kind of neutral on it. I put it on for long rides, but take it off for the local rides. I tried the Walmart pad and wasn't impressed, so I bumped up to Airvent. Would I buy another? Probably only on a big pay day. When we are doing trips, we usually shoot for 700 mile days, and on those it helps. I have a Hartco Pro Tour on the bike and just use the Airvent as a supplemnet
I use the Air Vent and it has helped my bony butt. LOL..
Keep it on the bike all the time and it is on a stock seat. As for the passenger vent can't say yea or nay, ride solo..

I would buy it again as it has helped me.
I've got a Walmart you can borrow to see if you like it.

Thanks Dan!
I have an Airvent on my stock seat. It helps mt bony butt and I can ride much longer with it. My wife uses the Walmart pad and likes it. Our friend uses the Walmart pad for her Victory Vision passenger seat and loves it.:coffee1::yes1:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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