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Airbag ?

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The Airbag, the one in front, not the one riding in the passenger seat. :lol:

I watched the video of the crash test with and without the airbag, #1 I was impressed at the damage the Goldwing done to the car... 8)
anyway ..
It looks as if in that situation, it could save a life.

My question is, where does the passenger go during this type of crash ?

My guess is straight into the back of the driver.

Would the airbag, at that point, fail ? (with 2x the pressure on it )

They should do a crash test with two people on the bike and see what happens.

My next Goldwing will definately have the Airbag. and it too will be Yellow ... I just don't want to have to wait for the 2010 models..

Come on Honda .. some of us Need Yellow...
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One item that i wonder about is the angle of the hit. The vids show a hit at 90 degrees.

What happens if it is an angled hit as the biker tries to avoid the collision with the vehicle?
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