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On a 5th gen, here's an example of front wheel bearings reportedly replaced last summer. It appears that only the bearings and seals were replaced. One of the bearings was so bad, it's hard to turn. Notice the rust and contamination ??? To me that means that water and contamination is getting past the seal.

This is an example of a shop that installed new bearing and seals, but over looked wearing collars that spin in the seals. Although the picture does not show the ruff surface in the collar to the left, for seals to last, those collars must be able to seal, and have a smooth metal surface that is not damaging the new seal causing it to not seal.

Sometimes the bearings and collars are good but when the collars are installed in their seal, they drop out. That could be a case where old worn seals need replaced. As PM you might replace the collars too.

To test ... on a loose front wheel, install the collars and axle, and do a garden hose test while spinning the axle and collars. Dry the area off, pull the axle and collars. Any water found on the underside of the seal ???

In this case, the repair included new bearings, seals, and collars. The axle shaft checks ok. Hopefully the take a-way ... do proper inspections and complete repairs.
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