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who won ?????????????????????????////

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Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:44 pm Post subject:


I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the thought and time that was spent sending the entries for the "Name the Windshield" contest.
As stated. we received over 200 names, some very ingenious and clever.
It was not easy to make a selection and in the end we actually combined two together!!
I know some will say "mine" was a lot better than that!! and there was a lot of really good ones.
The gals on the staff was a big help, they help to narrow them down, then we all made the final selection.
Since we combined 2 names together, we will award each a windshield, I've emailed them to let them know they were the winners.
The New Windshield is going to be called the "Freedom Slide" and thanks to the girls they came up with "The Freedom to Slide your windshield up and down for the ultimate riding experience" The "Freedom" part was submitted by-Gwyn Tayloe of Ballwin, MO and the "Slide" by Greg Hayden of Miamisburg, OH
Again our sincere thanks to everyone for the time and effort and the support we've received. Plus the tremendous response we're getting.
We will also be selecting some additional entrants for some other gifts.
We will be ready to start shipping by the first of next week, about a week later than we anticipated.
Allen Smith
Tulsa Enterprises
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