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I owned a GL1200, GL1500, and an 05 GL1800 and the stock seats were fine.
As you know the 2018 seat is not so good, to put it mildly.
I bought an AirHawk seat cushion, but knew I would have to have the seat redone.
After reading all the posts about seats and who does what, and their videos, I decided to search on my own for a local shop that does motorcycle seats.
I found one locally and the website pictures of seats for bikes, boats, golf carts, you name it, they looked great.
Of course they always put the best pictures on the website. :)
I took my seat down there and explained what needed to be done, and explained about the seat heating and how it was laid out in the seat and back rest.
They said they could make it better, so I left it.
I got it back today and installed it on the bike.
I took a quick ride up and down the street to see how it handles the gutters and bumps and I could actually feel a cushioning effect in the seat. WOW!
Tomorrow, our Chapter has a 1 hour ride going to dinner, and then Sunday a 4 hour ride to our local mountains and I am sure I will know by then if I like it or not.
Here are a couple of pictures I took. You can see in the side view, the actual rise in the seat due to the added foam.
So far for $85.00, I can't complain.


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