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Check out the posts in this thread...

There are references to the locations of the connectors the filters plug in to.

Also....Driftwood posted some info on numbers and sources....
Current info on filters/capacitors as of 4/5/08:
(backwoods' post above, on 1/7/07 is close. Part numbers may be changing as we speak)

All info from Hondadirectline parts store.

HDL cat # HO-8859613, Honda Fan Motor Noise Filter, 08E95-MCA-10012, $35.95. Need two of these. It may be wise to find out if there is actually one or two of the filters in the package. Seems strange that the price for one non "water proof" filter is almost twice the "water proof" filter.

HDL cat # HO-8859621, Honda Fuel Pump Noise Filter, 08E95-MCA-10013, $19.95. Note, the Fuel Pump Filter is "water proof." Only need one.

See ... =872849007 for more info.
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