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After reading a post by "Bopropucope" earlier this month, I also wanted to visit Greg in Zephyrhills, FL, about fifty miles from my winter home.

I had arranged for the visit a few days earlier, so as not to arrive unannounced with my riding buddy. Greg was very welcoming and gladly showed us his shop and equipment. The place is as neat as a pin, well organized, and well-stocked with GL1800 parts. The new addition will double his workspace and is lit with a ceiling full of brilliant four-foot LED lights making the place look like broad daylight.

I asked Greg how he got involved in Gold Wing repair and was impressed by his history that began in the early-mid 1970s with high school vocation automotive technician courses, post secondary automotive technician courses, work at various dealers and other related automotive businesses. Greg began working on Gold Wings when the theory, “If you want it done correctly, do it yourself” became apparent to him. Greg’s extensive background has led him to believe in doing things the right way and to take no shortcuts.

We discussed the problematic design of the gears in the earlier 1800 Gold Wings and how the 2014 and newer models have improved parts in the transmission. I found it helpful to hold both the new and old parts in my hands, thereby having the ability to clearly see how the dogs are undercut and otherwise modified to improve reliability, ease and quietness of shifting, and overall performance.

It is comforting to know that if I have a major problem with my Wing, I won’t have to rely on local dealers, because Greg is nearby.

Thanks Greg.

Photo below: Greg in his shop with the new addition in the background.

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