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Actually, I’m just looking for an FM antenna element. (39151-MCA-000, I think. It’s the “top” of the FM antenna that includes the antenna mast, the fold-down hinge and the housing that screws onto the antenna base.) My thinking is that maybe somebody has replaced their OEM antenna with an aftermarket and might be willing to part with their cast-off parts.

When we left for dinner (in the van) and I triggered the garage door closer, I failed to remember that I had rolled the wing back about 4 feet from its normal parking spot so I could access some stuff in front of the bike. When we got back and I raised the door, I realized that the door had eaten my FM antenna. It was bent at a 45 degree angle just above the hinge and had a peculiar spiral twist in the top third of the antenna mast. I removed it and got it back “approximately” straight but it still looks a little funky.

As far as I can tell from the HDL on-line parts list, a replacement is more than $50. I will try to find a second-hand replacement or decide if it looks more than $50 funky. Thanks.
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