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Anyone try the Show Chrome Lower Exhaust Cowls Yet

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Just wondering if anyone has tried these yet.
Part number is 52-762.
They fit '06 and newer with comfort package.
Wondering what the quality is like.
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I have not tried them, but if you do get a set and want to get rid of your old lowers, let me know. I've been playing with the idea of adding the toe warmers to my Prem. Audio model.
I put a set a my 08 red. The quality is good, but I could never get the rubber pieces around the front crash bars to seat right. No one else never noticed it, but it drove me crazy.

When I traded it in on an 09, the dealer said I could have them if I wanted to switch them out, but I didn't.
I have them on my 02. Great fit with a very nice chrome job.
Just put a set on my 09 last week. Fit was good but did take some time to put them on. they do look good.
I prefer the color matched side and front cowls
Any photos of the exhaust cowls in place?

Would like to see some photos.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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