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How many of you are Blue Knights (Law Enforcement) Red Knights (Firefighter) or Green Knights (Military)? For those of you who are familiar with these great organizations, how many of you are familiar with the Knights of the Round Table Challenge?
In December 2009 the Alex Ramirez of the Blue Knights arranged to get the three clubs to come together for the first ever Round Table to be conducted in Titusville Florida. The camaraderie of the members of these three service organizations was an instant success and we had great fun. Events included motorcycle skill riding challenges, traditional medieval games, toga parties and other such activities. A trip to Christmas Florida was arranged to see the historical Cracker Christmas and learn how our forefathers survived in the early 1800s. Proceeds of the first Round Table went to help a Titusville Community Association. Al Borota from the Green Knights won the skills challenge so it now became the Green Knights job to host the second tournament.
The location of the second tournament was in Harrison Arkansas. All of the favorite activities of the first Round Table returned. This time a unique historical diversion was made to see an actual medieval castle under construction near Harrison AR using construction techniques and exhibiting crafts of the era. A charity ride to the local food bank was also arranged and left over money from registration was given to a charity that provides items to our military that are deployed. The winner of the second Round Table was a Red Knight and therefore the Red Knights have chosen to host the third tournament in Gettysburg PA. To know more about the Knights of the Round Table as well as to register please click below:
I have made slideshows from the first two events. As I talk to various Knights (Red Blue or Green) it seems that the word of this event is not getting out. Please click on the link to register and also forward it through your various Knight organizations. I was looking at the hotel in Gettysburg and it is really nice; lets fill it up!
Please click on the links below (the little photo icons) to get to the slideshows:

Also please click on the link below on or sometime after 6 Jul 2011 to hear an interview with Alex Ramirez of the Blue Knights and Adam Buehler of the Green Knights on Green Knights radio (it should be a good episode, they also will have an interview with Erik Buell).
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