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Two of us are about to embark on 4 or 5 days in Arkansas and would like to re-ride Arkansas 123 in the Mt Judea to Lurton area.

Since I don't remember how I got there before, I/we need some help on the best way to get to 123 from the north. We will be coming from Eureka Springs to Harrison and will be headed down AR-7. My inclination would be to take AR-74 east out of Jasper to county road 84 to 123 and then down to Lurton and onto AR-7 again. My concern is I know some (a lot?) of these roads are gravel so is that a reasonable route?

AR-74 East out of Jasper will work ... just stay on it until it junctions with Hwy 123. Then turn right and have some fun... :lol:

And if you have not done the South portion of 123 ... it is well worth the time. Take hwy 7 South and turn right/West on hwy 123 at Pelsor.

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