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armrest and backrest

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Hi..I have an 08 wing and am looking to install an arm and back rest,whats the best.Thanks Dave
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Welcome to the board. Your going to get a lot of opinions on your question and all I can do is give you mine. The utopia backrest in my opinion is by far the best backrest on the market for comfort, not to say it looks like a factory installed item . Some people are intimidated by the installation aspect of it but don't be,very easy to install. As far as the armrest cant help you there as I currently don't have any installed but have thought about getting the armrest that are manufactured by Honda, due to the fact that they look like a factory installed item and to me don't take away the looks of the bike and do not seem to get in the way like some of the other brands. Here is the link for Utopia go check it out . Here is the installation video
For me it's the Utopia backrest (it mounts to the seat pan and you have to cut through the seat; installation is not too bad), my wife she loves the Hondaline armrests (the ones that go on top of the speaker pod). My signature picture is small, but you can kinda see my armrests and the backrest.
Utopia for the backrest (also for all the same reasons given) and Kury for the armrests. Look good, cup holder for the SO. Had them on 3 different bikes, SO really liked them too. That always helps!


Does anybody here ride with the BAKUP Backrest ??????

I recently purchased a '09 w/a Kury backrest, dealer-installed. I test rode the bike 1 day & found the backrest very uncomfortable - for my frame. (it was in the middle position). The next day I started out for home (400+ miles). The dealership moved the backrest to the farthest aft position - still no joy for me. After 100 miles, I stopped & took the dang thang off, completely. The dealer was understanding & very generous - he refunded me my $$ - in full, upon me mailing the Kury back to him.

I used to have a BAKUP on my previous bike V-Star 1300 Tourer & liked the "feel" of the Bakup. The Bakup "gives" & flexes via the Z-like mounting system. BAKUP:

I've been trying to decide between the Bakup & Utopia myself & gonna watch this thread. It's been too cold & now icy & sloppy to do any riding here.

A long time ago I downloaded the Utopia installation video & it looks simple enuf - even for someone simple - like me !

Dave / Silver '09 Wing / Farmington, MO
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Purchased my bike from the original owner,he had already installed the utopia backrest and kury armrests.
I really like the backrest it's adjustable up and down also forward and back,once you find the right spot for you...It's priceless :thumbup:
On the kury armrest since I don't have a passenger very often,I could do without them...Always have to swing them out of the way to open the trunk and swing them back...Kinda wish I didn't have those,if I were to put a set of arm rest I would look into the Honda factory armrest... JMO
I also have the Utopia and once it is set is great. I had a Markland on my old bike so for me it is Utopia. We have the Show Chrome arm rest. Wife likes the thick padding and I like that I do not have to swing them out to open the trunk. They mount with the seat bolts and NO DRILLING or extra supports. Last bike had Markland arm rests.
I put on arm rest immediately and will be taking them off. When I do a a passenger anymore they really don't care if I have arm rests or not. They are a pain in the ass moving them all the time to open the trunk! Moving them all the time far outweighs any benefit to me.
+1 on the utopia. Don't leave home without it !!

We've got the Kury armrests.

Yep they are kinda a pain to move around but it's all a matter of personal choice.

Welcome to the board !
I also have the Utopia and once it is set is great. We have the Show Chrome arm rest. Wife likes the thick padding and I like that I do not have to swing them out to open the trunk. They mount with the seat bolts and NO DRILLING or extra supports.
Another vote for Utopia backrest. And armrests that do not have to swing out to access the trunk, and mount with the seat bolts. Got 'em both and luv 'em both. Show Chrome (Big Bike Parts) armrest
+1 on the Utopia. I have the Kury armrests and like them as well....
Backrest ... Utopia!

Armrests ... depends on your bike model. I had the Show Chrome on the '02 Wing and my wife was starting to like them ... she had liked the Marklands on the '82 Aspencade a lot, the '02 armrests didn't compare.
I would go for the Show Chrome again ... BUT ... on the '09 I cannot. The Comfort comtrols for the passenger mount under the left pocket (under the speaker) and therefore the Show Chromes will not mount properly.
The Hondalines don't really look like that much of an armrest to me ... but those that have gone that route seem to like them.
Utopia backrest for sure!! I had the Kury, couldn't wait to get rid of it.

I really like the Kury arm rests. You do have to be a little more careful with them, but I think they look a boat load better. No complaints on them one bit.
Bckrest, another vote for Utopia!
Armrest, don't have em yet but I will go with the Hondaline.

Utopia and the Kury's is my choice. I had the armrests that mounted on the seat handrails on my first 1800 but after a few months I noticed they were starting to rub a hole in the seat. I replaced those with Kury's and have since purchased another pair for the newest bike but haven't had the time to install yet. The Kury's are a little bit of inconvience but the built-in cupholder is really nice for the SO.
Back rest & arm rest

Utopia is my vote, mounted on a 1500 & our 08 Wing. Pat, my wife, loves her Kury - arm rest.:thumbup:
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