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Patrick -

I just read your web 'alert' at 3pm this afternoon.

Trailmaster Inc has been in the business of trying our best to keep customers happy for over 30 years and when I see a 'BUYER BEWARE comment', I take that very seriously.

You received your camper in May of 2008 and called seven months later (January 2009/middle of winter) about a 'sagging' issue?

YES, you were told that nylon/urethane-backed fabric can 'hold' water which results in 'weight' and may create a sagging effect in the tenting. But when the fabric dries out - tenting returns.

The Aspen Classic pattern/sewing/production/etc has not changed since day-one of production. Again, YES, we will do our best to answer any questions, but all we ask is that you call us direct if there are any issues - rather than putting out a website CUSTOMER ALERT (which in my opinion means product inadequacy).

(Note: you devoted considerable time in your web posting to a leaking issue but never addressed this in your call to our office?)

If there are any issues or questions that you feel we have not addressed, please call.

Gary Cooper
Trailmaster Inc
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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