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Ouch! What a story! I've never heard of someone being blown off the back of a bike before. But it definitely gives cause for thought anytime someone is jumping on their bike in jeans and a tee shirt.

My wife and I were riding through Shasta a couple of years ago and stopped at a Black Bear Diner for lunch. Outside was a good looking custom cruiser that had quite a few scrapes on one side that looked like they were a few weeks or months old.

When we were eating inside I noticed a guy walk up to the cashier in his chaps and leather vest. His left arm was half scabs and half pink scar tissue. A couple of minutes later his girlfriend stood at his side. She was wearing jeans and a leather bikini top. She would have been mighty fine looking except she had some serious scabs and oozing wounds down the left side of her body, her shoulders, left arm, and back.

They walked outside and got on their HD after donning their half helmets. It was a warm day and she was sticking with the jeans and leather bra. He stuck with his chaps and vest. They looked like a Halloween couple dressed in "After the Accident" makeup and costumes.

You can lead a person to knowledge but you can't make them think.
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