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My new to me 2006 GL1800P has 50,958 miles purchased 2/28/2020

both front fork seals were blown
rear tire (Dunlop Elite 3 180/60R16) was well used with a plug in it.
Front tire was brand new Dunlop Elite 4 130/30R18
Rewar shock preload needs to be bled. Doesn't start to load shock until about 15 on the adjuster.

Took about 3 months to get the title transfer done due to the previous owner not signing all the paperwork correctly. All done and title is in hand.

6/6/20 maintenance completed:
oil filter (Honda), oil 10-30 Mobile1
final drive oil 75-140 Mobile1
Air filter - stock Honda - removed the badly maintained K&N
Spark plugs - NGK BKR6EIX-11 (old ones were all loose barely above hand tight)
Checked coolant, is the new Honda dark blue/green coolant, level good, overflow bottle good
Check brake fluid - looks good, was clear, not dark in color
Checked & balanced front tire at 41 psi
Treated seat with Niko conditioner

6/6/20 Modifications made to bike:
Installed (new to me) 2012 rear shock assembly w/ 1100-1200 lb Progressive spring - installed Traxxion braided line and followed Traxxion's install and bleed method
Installed Progressive 31-2511 front fork cartidges with 10 w Maxima fork oil (200 cc Right, 330 cc Left)
Replaced fork seals and bushings
Lubed shock linkage
Install Pirelli Winter 210 Snow Control 195/55R16 XL rear tire at 36 psi
Install Pathfinder LED:
Low beam - G18H7P 4000 lumen
High beam - G18H7P 4000 lumen
License plate light
Sequential Arrow front turn signals G18 DJC 2006-17
Sequential LED Spoiler w/dynamic brake & brake/running SPL0110
Rear spoiler (removed luggage rake - chrome was flaking off)
Muth mirrors with sequential arrow turn signals built in
J&M Digital Music player w/bluetooth
Install shelf
Installed New windscreen XL
Installed Garmin 595 cradle
Installed Kennedy Electronics wire interface for Garmin and Passport 9500 / Escort 360 connections
Installed new Kurkuryn floor boards with riser for passenger
Installed new Kurkuryn back rest for driver
Installed new Kurkuryn arm rest for passenger

  • Upon draining the oil, it was milky, as in had condensation in the oil. Ran bike after oil change until no condensation was seen in exhaust - took three cycles of the cooling fans and about 10 minutes to get there. No coolant smell in the exhaust. Lots of water blown out of pipes. Will monitor oil, and change in 3000 miles to check and see if still have a condensation issue. I beleive it was from previous owner storing outside without cover.
  • Did 45 minute test ride, bike ran well, suspension is excellent, preload adjusted easily from 1 to 25, steering is good, brakes are good, could not tell that the rear tire was darksided. Traction excellent, turns in great.

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7/4/20 - Did a 400 mile ride through the mountains, and return on the interstate, Two up, varying speeds, with and without cruise control. Amazed at the troque this bike has. Suspension worked great, handling is better than expected and got 40.2 MPG.

Next to schedule a ride in for a Russell seat.

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9/9/20 - Installed:
Baker built air wings - work very good at managing air
MadStad wind screen - works better than I thought it would

Done two multi-day rides. Bike works great. Last ride into Central Oregon really exposed the weakness of the suspension system - even with the progressive cartridges up front). Going to do the Traxxion full monty soon. Can't wait for the new seat to arrive. The stock seat sucks really bad. Honda could do a lot better than this.

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10/3/2020 55,100 miles
Changed oil, filter. OEM filter, 5-30W Mobile 1

Removed the Progressive fork cartridges, triple clamp, rear stock shock.
Installed Traxxion Dynamics full monty - AK-20 fork cartridges, triple clamp w/All Balls tapered bearings (torqued to 21 ft-lbs), rear shock with 1200 lb spring, fork brace.
Ultimate Seat w/ back rest - King seat.

Did 450 mile ride covering freeway, high speed sweepers, tight twisties (About 1/3 of each type). Started with preload at 15, 4 turns out on the rebound. Lowered the front tire pressure to 36 psi recommend by Traxxion. About 50 miles into the ride, adjusted the preload to 5. Riding 2 up, saddle bags empty.

Night and day difference. The bike is solid and suspended like it should be. Confidence inspiring in the twisties. I rode this same route a few weeks ago. Gone is the flex and wallowing that occurred in the turns with the Progressive set up - was riding more than the system was capable of delivering.

Highly recommend to Traxxion System. It transforms this bike into what it should be. I do need adjust the rebound to 2 turns out, need to see how the rear feels when the bike is fully loaded and trailer is hooked up. Was a little springy in the rear, but not bad.

The Ultimate seat, needs more miles to break in yet. It is pretty good, but we'll see once I get 1500- 2000 miles on it.
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