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Here’s my August entry.
My 2021 Tour DCT is my first GW. Came to this after 12 years on BMW's, first on an RT, then a GSA, and finally a GS. Wanted something different, but hey, I seem to be drawn to boxer engines.

First pic - Bike was birthed out of its crate in the morning and this was it's first ride that afternoon. Top of Fort Mountain in GA.
Second pic - Same spot just over a year later.
Third pic - stopping at a popular gathering spot in Roswell, GA

I tend towards the functional, so added the following.
RDL seat in Sunbrella
Honda luggage rack
Quadlock iPhone mount
MRA Tour Spoiler
Tailblazer Brake modulator

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Plant
Tire Wheel Sky Plant Vehicle
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Car Vehicle
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