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I am going to create a cable set up for my GPS and MP3 player.

What I want to do is get the aux Power plug. Hook it up under the left pocket, then run it up the outside of the cowl and mount it on my Texelent bar.

Now the choices are a Univ max 15Amp or the 5Amp plug in version (EC Connections.

Once I get the little devil mounted on the Texelent bar I will just get a simple 2 female Cig Adapter into a single male and then into the Aux power adapt.

Question is two fold

Does the adapter that plugs in under the pocket come with a longer lead or do I have to place some wire into it to increase the length of the cable

Or should I get the 15Amp Univ and run it to a fuse block because the std 5 amp may not be enough to run 2 devices

Opinions Please
1 - 2 of 2 Posts