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On the 13th of June my SO and I left Ft. Worth Texas and rode out to see parts of the western states. We traveled sections of Rt 66 through New Mexico and Arizona with detours to the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, and Grand Canyon.
Next to California where we went through Sequoia National Forest, sequoia National Park, and Yosemite. Wonderful roads and beautiful scenery abound.
Leaving Yosemite we rode up to Angels Camp for the night. We spent most of the next day there seeing the museums and historical sights before leaving for the Pacific Coast Highway. We got on the PCH at Bodega Bay and followed it all the way to the Columbia River. We had planned to go on up into Washington state but time was pressing. So we turned inland on Washington SH 14 and followed the river for quite a way. It is a wonderful road with lots of scenery and little traffic.
We worked our way up to Coeur d Alene, and Bonners Ferry. Peggy lived there 40 years ago and wanted to see if the old Cabin was still there. It was, and we found it.
From there we rode down to Kallispell and Glacier National Park. The Going to the Sun Road was not yet open all the way thru, but we saw what we could. Have to go back and see the rest.
At this point we decided to head back toward Texas, riding IH90 to Casper and IH25 into Denver. At Denver we turned west to Limon and rode across Kansas. Having heard many tales of what a boring place Kansas can be I was pleasantly surprised. The weather was warm, but not hot, and the scenery was interesting to me anyway.
At Salina Kansas we turned south. It was late afternoon and after some discussion we decided that sneaking into Texas in the dark to avoid the heat was the best bet. After an 800 mile day we arrived home at 4am.
What a ride! Much of this was new territory for me. I was very taken with the PCH and the Columbia River valley. I can easily understand now why most of the MC magazines are based in California. The climate was all any rider could want and the roads as good as I have ridden in any state. We stopped a lot to see things, but we could take the same trip at least twice more to only visit the things we passed for lack of time.
As soon as Peggy gets through editing the Pics I will post some.
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