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Once every so often I see a poster fussing about getting this front lower cowl (the big center piece with the "fog" light cut-outs) back into postion. I had my trials and tribulations with that sucker at first too, but soon figured out some angles of attack. I can get it off and on quite quickly, at least as well as it ever did align to begin with - and now, here is the rest of my story.

Eventhough I could get my center lower cowl installed OK, I have always had a bitchen time getting the upper center cowl to align with those snap pin holes way up in the underside benieth the steering tunnels. They were hard to see and not even close to aligning if relaxed. When my bike was new, those two upper most ones were missing and the two out on the flanks were in at angles and the plastic snap pins were distorted. I've stressed and strained and used awls or Phillips head drivers to align the holes and force new snap pins in there and they are typically broken or missing at next service.

About two weeks ago as I rode into a rural gas station at dusk, I hit a sink hole in the asphalt that I blamed for blowing my left fork seal (no anti-dive on mine and Mac sez the pot hole is not likely to blame) and I cracked that center lower cowl. Still have not received my seals and bushings (Hal must have them on BO). I have repaired the cowl with ABS cement and repainted it gloss black and clear coated it. I wanted to ride yesterday so I put the bike back together and wrapped the left seal with a shop towel and duct tape. When I put the center cowl back on I did something different from my previous re-assemblies and different from how it was when new. I put the my repaired cowl under both of the other two layers of body part plastic and as I did I said to my self; "Self, looks to me that is how it was designed -- duhhhh." The threaded metal clip is now the bottom most layer so the screw passes through the non threaded layers and into the threads -- duhhh?!?!?! All of the holes aligned practically all by themselves and the clips and screws all went right in on all of the front panels with no more strain on any of those body parts. All this time I was goofing-up just because that is the way it had been originally. I have the shop manual, but realy never bothered to consult it regarding simple body panels -- I have Fred's video and I bet he took time to show it correctly too - but not into my thick head did it soak :roll: . Anywho; the moral of the story is, if it does not seem to fit right -- its probably not right -- step back and rethink the situation. I reckon that is what Stu's motto regarding cost of ignorance is all about. :oops:

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