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Bang for Buck on Maintenance Manuals

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I know that there will be a lot of opinions on this, but I have found the owners manual on my '06 to be totally useless regarding information on lots of things regarding maintenance.

Which repair / maintenance manual is the best for the $? I did a search for Clymers, but only found ones good up to '04. I know that the basic mechanicals are the same, but since I have the airbag model and all the controls are rearranged, I wonder if I should wait until a book comes out that covers that so I'll have the electrical info? Can you buy the official Honda version?

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Fred H. said:
The Honda manual is probably one of the best written ones in the industry, and clearly shows component locations and is easy to follow.

I recently bought the Yamaha FJR manual, and it is no where nearly as well done as the Honda GL1800 manual is. Not even close.

Don't waste your money on Clymer or some other manual, get the Honda manual.
Agreed.. I got spoiled with the GL manual.. The shop manual for my Triumph is worthless in comparison.. Luckily I have a dealer who enjoys answering ALL my self service questions (and I didn't even buy the bike from them!!) Hmmm, maybe the next bike will be a Tiger!!!
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